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The terahertz frequency range offers great potential for many fields of application in communication, localization, material characterization, medical technology and environmental monitoring. The enormous frequency bandwidths available promise a disruptive leap in data rates in communication technology and for information content and resolution in sensor technology. However, the technology used in terahertz systems to date is limited to complex laboratory setups. The central aim of terahertz.NRW is to tap into the disruptive potential of miniaturized electronic and photonic terahertz circuits for new mobile applications. To this end, the five network partners, who are among the world leaders in terahertz research, have pooled their expertise in terahertz.NRW.


Anmol Sharma

Office Manager terahertz.NRW

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terahertz.NRW Transfer Office

Sascha Weyers, Fraunhofer IMS