WP3 Transceiver Technologies

Lead: Fraunhofer FHR, Dr. Jan Wessel

This work package aims to develop components and materials for the THz range beyond the current state of the art, to enable the construction of transceivers through to the system and to research fundamental concepts for future transceiver technologies. The required components represent a considerable research and development effort at the targeted frequencies and require the consideration of properties of new, but also common materials and the resulting design aspects. The development of these technologies gives terahertz.NRW access to new collaborations, research projects and industrial contracts. A key objective is to increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of THz technologies. On the one hand, this means increasing performance, but also increasing reliability, minimizing the design and reducing energy consumption. In particular, developing hybrid circuit concepts such as the fusion of optical and electronic assemblies or the development of new materials, for example metamaterials for antenna concepts, are key research topics.