Upcoming Events

Bonner Wissenschaftsnacht (Science Night), 16-17 May 2024:

Every two years, the Bonn Science Night offers exciting insights into research and science from the Bonn science region. In Bonn’s city center, numerous research and science institutions present their research in exciting hands-on stations, experiments and interesting exhibitions and invite visitors to engage in dialogue. terahertz.NRW demonstrates the many possible applications of terahertz technology.


Wissenschaftscampus, 6 June 2024: For all women who are studying a STEM subject, have just completed their studies or have already gained their first experience in science and research: The terahertz.NRW network invites you to a day full of insights and exchange into the current world of terahertz research. At this Wissenschaftscampus, all ‘women in THz’ have the chance to network and discover career opportunities in the field of terahertz technology.


Recruiting Day, 26 June 2024: Looking for an exciting job in research? On Wednesday, June 26, our partner Fraunhofer FHR is organizing the first Recruiting Day. The institute is opening its doors to anyone interested in a job or anyone who would like to work at FHR in the future.


Announcement: 3rd IGS Doctoral Seminar: 25 June 2024, Bochum

Im dritten Doktoranden-Seminar werden sechs Promotionen im Kreis der Doktoran*innen präsentiert. Für die Vortregenden bietet sich Gelegenheit, in einer freundlichen Atmosphäre Präsentationserfahrung zu sammeln und ihre Arbeit konstruktiv zu diskutieren.


Announcement: Annual General Assembly terahertz.NRW 2024, 5-6 September 2024, Kalkar.

The date for this year’s annual meeting of the network has been set and planning is in full swing. More information will follow.


Announcement: Summer School: 16-17 September 2024, Monheim am Rhein

Together with the MARIE Collaborative Research Center, a summer school will be held on the application areas of high-frequency and terahertz technology. Date and location are fixed. Further information on the program will follow.



Past Events


ICMIM, 16-17 April 2024:

Intelligent mobility on the road, in the air, at sea or by rail is a trending topic that has been covered by ICMIM since 2015. The conference deals with key technologies such as hardware components, circuits and systems up to the terahertz range as well as signal processing techniques and interference issues. terahertz.NRW was there as an exhibitor!


GeMiC 2024, 11-13 March 2024:

GeMiC 2024 offers a unique platform for exchange with experts and a great opportunity to network with colleagues from industry, research institutes and universities. terahertz.NRW took the opportunity and presented itself with a booth and lectures at the conference (Dr. Jan Wessel “MMICs for mm-wave to THz Joint Communication and Sensing”).


2nd IGS Doctoral Seminar 29 February 2024:

The 34 doctoral students discussed their research topics at the International Graduate School’s all-day seminar. In addition to doctoral theses on signal processing and hardware, the IGS also researches topics such as the acceptance of terahertz technology. This allows the doctoral students to network and exchange ideas across disciplines. The program was complemented by a keynote speech by Zachary Taylor from Aallto University, Finland.


Annual General Assembly terahertz.NRW, 7 November 2023:

All partners and members came together in Wachtberg for the network’s annual meeting. In an all-day event, PIs from the network were bid farewell and new PIs were elected. The results of the work packages to date were discussed and further developed in workshops. Around the program, there was plenty of opportunity for the more than 60 members to exchange ideas and network.


1st IGS Doctoral Seminar, 11 October 2023: The IGS held the first doctoral seminar in the RUB Makerspace in Bochum. In addition to scientific presentations by the doctoral students, guided tours of the event location were also offered and participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas. The Makerspace, which is part of the Transfer and Start-up Center Worldfactory, is one of the largest academic teaching facilities and experimental spaces in Germany. It offers space for start-ups in particular to exchange ideas and develop prototypes.


DGBMT 2024, 26-28 September 2023: terahertz.NRW member Prof. Elsa Kirchner (UDE) gave a key note on “Exoskeleton-supported stroke rehabilitation using embedded brain reading” at the 57th Annual Conference on Biomedical Engineering (BMT).

560 participants from 17 countries came together in the Mercator Hall in Duisburg for the annual conference on biomedical engineering, which brings together international experts to discuss current research and industry topics in the field of medical technology.

Prof. Niels Benson (NST, UDE) and Andreas Prokscha (DSV, UDE), both also terahertz.NRW members, organized the focus session “terahertz in Medicine”. Of course, terahertz.NRW was also represented with a stand at the accompanying exhibition.


18-29 September 2023: Educational weeks for IGS doctoral students: In cooperation with the RUB Worldfactory, coordinators Stefan Bieder (UDE) and Dennis Pohle (RUB) offered an online seminar series for all doctoral students in the network. Participants were able to select individual courses according to their interests. The courses covered topics ranging from science communication and strategic networking to patent law.


Kick off IGS, 26 April 2023: Kick-off for the International Graduate School (IGS) of THz Sensing and Communication! Best scientific education is one of the declared goals of terahertz.NRW. Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) have therefore jointly founded the IGS. The opening event at the UDE in the Gerhard Mercator House was attended by 42 PIs, doctoral students and members of the terahertz NRW office.


Dr. Gerd vom Bögel

Fraunhofer IMS